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BST is the first digital currency developed by the GlobalBoost® development team. We plan to update BST before the end of 2014, making it a multi-algo coin. This will enable it to be mined with many different algorithm mining machines. BST is the "Coin With A Cause", and has a mission to raise money for veterans.


There are multiple ways to send & receive BST, including our online wallet. In fact every Twitter user already has the ability to send and receive the currency in seconds. You can send BST from any mobile device, computer, and also the GlobalBoost Social Media Dashboard, giving users freedom and flexibility.  With 30 seconds blocks, clean code, and innovative development team GlobalBoost®  BST is determined to become the choice digital exchange/payment system for everyday transactions.


GlobalBoost® is a technology company headquartered in Washington, DC. The company was started by a combat wounded veteran, and his six kids. Along with digital currencies, GlobalBoost® has a variety of real & digital products including their flagship social tool. Please signup here:

GlobalBoost-Y (BSTY)
The Money of The future Today

The GlobalBoost® development team addresses the growing concern with the vulnerabilities caused by ASIC & GPU mining. GlobalBoost-Y is the first digital currency to use the ultra secure Yescrypt as a Proof Work Algorithm. If BST is silver or bronze, then BSTY GlobalBoost-Y is gold. There will only be 24 million digital BSTY coins ever minted. The wallet includes Twitter, Message System, and IRC chat.

GlobalBoost-Y was developed by the GlobalBoost team, using the Yescrypt code developed by OpenWall Founder, world renowned security expert Solar Designer. The code is currently ASIC & GPU mining resistant and can only be mined with a CPU. With the powerful password hashing scalability, and innovative features, GlobalBoost® delivers the most secure digital currency to date. You can read more about Yescrypt here: Openwall Presentation Slides

Currency Specifications:

POW algo: yescrypt

Max Coins: 24million NO PREMINE

Block Reward 347 BSTY Changes to 50 BSTY at block 17k

Dark Gravity Wave

Automatic Checkpoints

Block Target: 10 min

Asic Resistant: yes

FPGA Resistant: yes

GPU resistant: yes

CPU resistant: No

P2P PORT: 8226

RPC PORT: 8225